Holodexxx AR


Holodexxx Mobile AR merges gorgeous adult stars into your daily life!
Scan your surroundings and insert one of the Holodexxx models anywhere you want to make your world more fun!


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Game Description

Holodexxx Mobile AR lets you see our stunning adult stars in your everyday life.

Scan your surroundings, then put a Holodexxx model anywhere you want to make your world more fun.


To get a better look at your model, zoom in and choose the best angle.

You can use the app or a system screenshot to take a picture to show your friends! 😉


There are 9 high-resolution full-body scans of our top Holodexxx models, and more scans will be coming soon!


Models can be turned, moved, and scaled.


Android 7 phone or above, 2 GB Ram (4GB preferable), & 1.5 GB of storage
Tested on: Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 5

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